TitleDeveloping a more inclusive sociology curriculum: Racial and ethnic group coverage in thirty introductory textbooks
Publication TypeJournal Article
Year of Publication1993
AuthorsDennick-Brecht, M.
JournalTeaching Sociology
KeywordsSocial Sciences

Dennick-Brecht discusses the responsibility assigned to educators of sociology and the universities to provide accurate and comprehensive information that is representative of all racial and ethnic groups.   After analyzing the content of widely used introduction to sociology textbooks, the author found that less than six percent of each text had space dedicated to topics concerning racial and ethnic groups.  There was also a consistent pattern of presenting the members of these groups as victims, seldom addressing their successes, contributions to society, and resistant strategies to their ongoing oppression.  Although this analysis was conducted in 1993, it still presents educators with critical implications regarding the teaching materials they choose to employ.