TitleIntegrating LGBT competencies into the multicultural curriculum of graduate psychology training programs: Expounding and expanding upon hope and chappell's choice points: Commentary on "extending training in multicultural competencies to include individua
Publication TypeJournal Article
Year of Publication2015
AuthorsCochran, B., & Robohm J.
JournalClinical Psychology-Science And Practice
KeywordsSocial Sciences

ABSTRACT: In this volume, Hope and Chappell outline a number of “choice points” that they presume psychology training programs will universally face as they build competency in working with sexual minority (lesbian, gay, and bisexual [LGB]) clients into their multicultural training curricula. From our vantage points as the director of clinical training (DCT) and the training clinic director from a doctoral program in clinical psychology, we concur with their suggestions and believe that they can serve as a guide for doctoral programs implementing LGB and transgender (LGBT)‐specific training. In the commentary that follows, we elaborate upon these choice points, share our experiences within our own program, discuss some predictable challenges and questions faced by programs when implementing such an inclusive curriculum, and propose a solution that supports integration of LGBT competencies into all training programs, while acknowledging the difficulties inherent in this endeavor.