TitleReducing racism, sexism, and homophobia in college students by completing a psychology of prejudice course
Publication TypeJournal Article
Year of Publication2008
AuthorsPettijohn, T.F., & Walzer A.S.
JournalCollege Student Journal
KeywordsSocial Sciences

The study presented in this article analyzes the relationship between exposure to diversity topics and how they affect students’ prejudice.  Pettijohn II and Walzer compared the measures of racism, sexism, and homophobic attitudes of students enrolled in Psychology of Prejudice and Introduction to Psychology undergraduate courses.  The researchers found that students in the Psychology of Prejudice course showed a significant decrease in prejudice, while those in the Introduction to Psychology course did not.  Furthermore, they found that the reduction in prejudice is directly linked to course involvement: content, presentation, and discussion.  The results provide evidence for the importance of actively participating in psychology courses that focus on topics of prejudice and discrimination.