TitleSocial justice interrupted? Values, pedagogy, and purpose of business school academics
Publication TypeJournal Article
Year of Publication2014
AuthorsFotaki, M., & Prasad A.
JournalManagement Learning

Fotaki and Prasad’s commentary is based on the ideas and work presented at a 2-day critical management studies workshop held at the Academy of Management in 2010.  The workshop consisted of scholars who had come to face the challenges and questions that present themselves when dealing with management education in relation to social change.  This reading summarizes the suggestions and ideas shared throughout this conference regarding business pedagogy for social justice.  The authors discuss the critical importance of incorporating the values of social justice into the business curriculum in order to alter the environment in the classroom so that it inspires change.   Endorsing Friere’s notion of conscientization, they suggest that business studies educators us the classroom as a space to develop critical understanding of the social conditions and the role that management plays in promoting social justice.