The Difference, Power, and Discrimination (DPD) Program

The Difference, Power, and Discrimination (DPD) Program works with faculty across all fields and disciplines at Oregon State University to develop inclusive curricula that address institutionalized systems of power, privilege, and inequity in the United States.

Explore our resources to learn about the different ways in which the DPD program can support your curriculum transformation work. Whether you are creating a new course, revising an existing course, or transforming an entire curriculum, the DPD program offers a range of resources to assist you in these processes.

New book from DPD now available

Transformative Approaches to Social Justice Education is a book for anyone with an interest in teaching and learning in higher education from a social justice perspective and with a commitment to teaching all students. Structured as an ongoing conversation among educators,Transformative Approaches demonstrates that teaching from a social justice perspective is about much more than the type of readings and assignments found on course syllabi. More critically, the volume is premised on the notion that continuous learning and growth is critical to educators with deep commitments to fostering critical consciousness through their teaching.

DPD podcast: Transforming the College Classroom

This is a podcast for anyone interested in taking up teaching and learning in higher education from a justice-informed perspective in ways that are centered on a deep commitment to teaching all students. Every episode features interviews that explore teaching and learning for justice from multiple disciplinary, institutional and social positions.

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Proposing a DPD Course

Learn how to submit a DPD course proposal using the OSU Curriculum Proposal System.

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Teaching a DPD Course

Explore our resource collection designed to aid in the development and teaching of DPD courses.

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Professional Development

Learn more about our professional development offerings for faculty, graduate teaching assistants, and graduate students.